‘Families Like Ours’


As I am busy preparing for our York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition it dawned on me it is almost 10 years ago that we met our children….

Those little children burst into our lives, children who’d had a very hard start in life, children who had gone into foster care and been looked after while decisions were made about their future.

Children that arrived at our door ready for a new life and a new start.

People who know me, know it’s been a challenge, parenting at the best of times can be very tricky, parenting children from trauma and neglect is tremendously challenging, but we took on the challenge.

I am always grateful to all the friends, colleagues, practitioners and therapists who got us through (and some still are) these dark and difficult times.

I had to knock on doors though, I had to ask for help from people who don’t normally work with ‘families like ours’ or’ children like ours’ or for whom alternative therapies are not normally available (we did also get help from more traditional sources  NHS, Charities etc.) and I think it’s safe to say they saved me and us, without that support package we wouldn’t be together as a family today.

Back then (about 7 -9 years ago) there weren’t events like the one I am about host, a focus on family wellbeing like this didn’t exist.

I am extremely proud to have brought this group of people together, some of whom helped me.

It’s hard to know who to ask, it’s hard to know where to start, but the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is a great place to start.

See you there

Sunday 10 March 1:30pm – 5pm, Hotel du Vin York



York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition


Welcome to this brand new event in the York calendar.

A fun afternoon of family wellbeing with interactive stands and workshops for all the family.

This event takes place on:

SUNDAY 10 March

1:30pm – 5pm

Hotel du Vin, 89 The Mount, York, YO24 1AX


Relax, grab a cuppa (or a drink) in the bar area and enjoy!

There is FREE parking to the rear of the hotel.

Tickets are £5 for adults and free for under 18s.

All the people taking part in the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition have the wellbeing of families at the heart of what they do.

The stands are interactive and have items for children and young people (and the parents/carers!) to look at, pick up, interact with and ponder, our workshops are interactive and want you to have a go at the activities and test out the ideas given.

Tickets are just £5 for adults and free for under 18s

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Here are our full listing of fun, interactive workshops and wellbeing area:


NRG Healing (Lindsay Coldrick) 1:40pm

How to incorporate crystals and meditation into the family home for a calmer environment.

Bow Interactive Services (Julie Valentine) 2:20pm

How to engage in sensory interactive communication through storytelling using everyday items. After introductions, I will tell a 5 minute sensory story then coach you and your family  to develop your own sensory story from items I have brought with me.

Claire Cutler-Casey 3pm

Kinesiology for all the family. This is a fun, interactive workshop where you can learn tips and techniques to support you and your family with sleep issues, educational challenges and getting the most out of every day.

Chiropractic 1st – Arleen Scholten 3:40pm

Natural Ways To Harness More Energy,

Arleen Scholten D.C. has been in practice for 18 years and works in a functional and holistic health model.  During her talk Arleen will be presenting her Top Tips to increasing our energy levels so we can get more done without burning out. Learn how to get the most out of your day and still have time for YOU!!!

Safe Healthy Happy (Tess Craufurd) 4:20pm

An introduction and participation in Story Massage. Safe touch in your home, school and the wider community.

Holistic Health York (Ruth Traynor-Tarr) 1:45pm

Easy to use practical techniques to help children self-manage in times of worry, stress or anxiety.

A Global Community of Wellness (Stephanie Rank) 2:25pm

Steph creates toxin free bath bombs for all the family using high quality Young Living essential oils.

Creative Avenue (Lisa-marie Newman) 3:05pm

Lisa works with the whole family and creates accessible activities for everyone  (rather than just for particular ages or abilities etc). In this workshop Lisa Creative Journalling for Self Care, colourful and creative pages to highlight “Things That Make Me Happy or “Things I am grateful For”. You can create these together (or individually), they can be used as a communication prompt, a resource for improving mood and an activity that enhances wellbeing through the creative process.

Environment Healing (Craig Taylor) 3:45pm

Environment Healing is concerned with the ever growing impact that EMF’s from wireless communications and harmful earth energies can have upon our wellbeing.
It is the aim to create a sleeping environment where the body can be free from harmful radiation to allow the body to rejuvenate and heal through the process of sleeping. Come and learn about harmful sources of EMF’s, the warning signs/ symptoms, useful hints to help mitigate your risk and also a 3 minute exercise routine to invigorate the body against the effects(optional).

The Creative Studio, York 4:20pm

Nicola is running a fun crafty activity for all the family.


A Global Community of Wellness – Lots of essential oil fun!

Environment Healing – ever wondered what our phones and wifi are doing to us, Craig will chat to you about the effects.

Relax Kids York & Selby and Relax Kids with Sherrie – lots of activities from Sherrie and Kirsty to help all the family relax and have a calm home environment.

Safe Healthy Happy – chat to Tess about the benefits of massage and essential oils for babies, children and adults.

Claire Cutler-Casey – lots of ‘never ending’ kinesiology fun and facts.

Chiropractic 1st – Arleen will be here giving guidance on the services she offers as well advice on wellbeing for all the family.

Finding Perspectives – Dorothy is advising on advocacy and communication skills, something we all need as parents when negotiating schools, the council, governing bodies and many more, plus some fun activities to help communication skills.

Pretty Plaits – lots of hair plaiting fun!

Stimul8 Fundraising – Chat to Ruth about their fantastic fundraising for a leisure facility for children with disabilities and additional needs.

Melissa Magson Design Studio – Melissa is creating our Memory pots for us and will have therapeutic items to purchase. She is also sponsoring our Library workshop area.

Two Rivers Radio – get your requests in to Jez and the team and chat to the roving reporter!

We care about you and your families wellbeing.

We are look forward to welcoming you.

See you there

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Why do I want to help families?

The seed was planted in those very early days not long after my adopted children arrived, family life took on a very challenging period. Everyone was struggling to adapt to this massive change and transition and certainly our mental health took a nose dive.

The notion that everyone else’s family life seemed great and ours was one long struggle of one challenging situation after another, drove me to support others, after 10 years teaching in secondary schools and realising I couldn’t do that and support my children and keep the family together came the difficult decision to leave teaching and eventually re-train as a counsellor, which eventually led to me running supportive, wellbeing events in York, I ‘get’ the feeling of isolation parents feel sometimes, feeling at a loss and wondering what to do next, the thoughts of ‘Where the heck do I start looking for help?’ Who can I trust? What will actually help? The helplessness of waiting lists at both the hospital and CAMHS (or other support services) or maybe you just want to create a relaxing, safe environment for your children to grow up in.

The events I run have always been about giving people choices, putting local trusted practitioners and professionals in a room and allowing people to chat, get advice, try out and find out more.

The York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is set with those same values in mind bringing together in one place my kind of people (which I hope become your kind of people) to offer the choices and support you want to know about.

Join us on Sunday 10 March, 1:30pm – 5pm at the Hotel du Vin, York

Tickets here

Looking Forward to 2019

I hope you are feeling well and looking forward to the break. I hope you manage to recharge your batteries in readiness for 2019.

For the first part of 2019 we have quite a lot going on both in the Wellbeing Meet-Up and more widely in Yor Choice Events.

I am very excited to launch the wellbeing meet-up in Harrogate on Thursday 31 January bringing together wellbeing businesses from Harrogate and surrounding area. (currently fully booked)

The York group has dates and speakers lined up until March.

All meetings are Friday’s 10am – 12pm
18 January – speaker : Terry-Anne Scholes – Hypnotherapist
Book Here

15 February – speaker : Craig Taylor (Environment Healing)
Book Here

15 March – speaker : Louise Mason (Your Marketing Specialist)
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York Wellbeing Day – Family

As you are someone who has joined us at the Wellbeing Meet-Up, I would love to give you the first opportunity to book a stand or workshop for the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition.

There is a launch on Friday 11 January 10am – 11:30am. The actual day itself is Sunday 10 March 1:30pm – 5pm. We are offering the opportunity to exhibit at the event with a stand and/or workshop. If you have worked with me before or already know you want a stand or workshop, click the links below to book your place.

Would you like a stand?
Would you like to do a workshop?

I hope that brings you up to date with what’s going on at Yor Choice Events and the Wellbeing Meet-Up.

Have a great break.

Juliet x

PS Please get in touch if you have any questions.

What are our pop up events?


As well as our evening event, we have some fabulous pop up events happening in and around York. Here is a list of the fabulous events happening on the Thursday 4th October:

Playing with Words – Claire Davies (The Greedy Wordsmith) & Gayle Johnson (Red Tree Writing)

Re-energise with Clay – Nicola Stead (The Creative Studio, York)

Hypnotherapy Drop in Day – Hypnotherapy with David Sear

Improve your Work Life Balance & Netwalk – Elaine White (Natural Entrepreneurs Workspace) & Laura Richardson (Netwalk North Yorkshire)

Little Stars Stay & Play Session – Kirsty Pearson (Relax Kids York and Selby)

Mini massage and cake! Louise Black’s Health & Beauty, East Cottingwith, fundraising for York Mind (Keep an eye out for posters advertising locally.

Plant Based Nutrition for Your Wellbeing, confusion, caution or…. with Elena, Health & Food

Click on the links to find out more.

If you would like to join us for the evening event at the Hotel du Vin, please click here

Did you listen in to the Information Takeaway Show on Two Rivers Radio on Monday, we chatted to some of our exhibitors and pop up events people – Click Here to listen in.

We would love to meet you.