‘Families Like Ours’


As I am busy preparing for our York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition it dawned on me it is almost 10 years ago that we met our children….

Those little children burst into our lives, children who’d had a very hard start in life, children who had gone into foster care and been looked after while decisions were made about their future.

Children that arrived at our door ready for a new life and a new start.

People who know me, know it’s been a challenge, parenting at the best of times can be very tricky, parenting children from trauma and neglect is tremendously challenging, but we took on the challenge.

I am always grateful to all the friends, colleagues, practitioners and therapists who got us through (and some still are) these dark and difficult times.

I had to knock on doors though, I had to ask for help from people who don’t normally work with ‘families like ours’ or’ children like ours’ or for whom alternative therapies are not normally available (we did also get help from more traditional sources  NHS, Charities etc.) and I think it’s safe to say they saved me and us, without that support package we wouldn’t be together as a family today.

Back then (about 7 -9 years ago) there weren’t events like the one I am about host, a focus on family wellbeing like this didn’t exist.

I am extremely proud to have brought this group of people together, some of whom helped me.

It’s hard to know who to ask, it’s hard to know where to start, but the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is a great place to start.

See you there

Sunday 10 March 1:30pm – 5pm, Hotel du Vin York



Why do I want to help families?

The seed was planted in those very early days not long after my adopted children arrived, family life took on a very challenging period. Everyone was struggling to adapt to this massive change and transition and certainly our mental health took a nose dive.

The notion that everyone else’s family life seemed great and ours was one long struggle of one challenging situation after another, drove me to support others, after 10 years teaching in secondary schools and realising I couldn’t do that and support my children and keep the family together came the difficult decision to leave teaching and eventually re-train as a counsellor, which eventually led to me running supportive, wellbeing events in York, I ‘get’ the feeling of isolation parents feel sometimes, feeling at a loss and wondering what to do next, the thoughts of ‘Where the heck do I start looking for help?’ Who can I trust? What will actually help? The helplessness of waiting lists at both the hospital and CAMHS (or other support services) or maybe you just want to create a relaxing, safe environment for your children to grow up in.

The events I run have always been about giving people choices, putting local trusted practitioners and professionals in a room and allowing people to chat, get advice, try out and find out more.

The York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is set with those same values in mind bringing together in one place my kind of people (which I hope become your kind of people) to offer the choices and support you want to know about.

Join us on Sunday 10 March, 1:30pm – 5pm at the Hotel du Vin, York

Tickets here

What are our pop up events?


As well as our evening event, we have some fabulous pop up events happening in and around York. Here is a list of the fabulous events happening on the Thursday 4th October:

Playing with Words – Claire Davies (The Greedy Wordsmith) & Gayle Johnson (Red Tree Writing)

Re-energise with Clay – Nicola Stead (The Creative Studio, York)

Hypnotherapy Drop in Day – Hypnotherapy with David Sear

Improve your Work Life Balance & Netwalk – Elaine White (Natural Entrepreneurs Workspace) & Laura Richardson (Netwalk North Yorkshire)

Little Stars Stay & Play Session – Kirsty Pearson (Relax Kids York and Selby)

Mini massage and cake! Louise Black’s Health & Beauty, East Cottingwith, fundraising for York Mind (Keep an eye out for posters advertising locally.

Plant Based Nutrition for Your Wellbeing, confusion, caution or…. with Elena, Health & Food

Click on the links to find out more.

If you would like to join us for the evening event at the Hotel du Vin, please click here

Did you listen in to the Information Takeaway Show on Two Rivers Radio on Monday, we chatted to some of our exhibitors and pop up events people – Click Here to listen in.

We would love to meet you.


What a great range of events at the York Wellbeing Day

Our Pop Up Line Up is Ready!

After a lot of hard work, we have a fantastic line up of pop up events for the York Wellbeing Day.

Our pop up events are workshops, activities and sessions happening in and around York on a great blend of themes and ideas.

Here is our line up;

Elena Holmes – Elena Health & Food

Elena is running an interactive session on how much nutrition influences our wellbeing. Weighing up the physical, emotional and mental impact of the food we eat, it also considers how do we navigate all the nutritional information we see and hear.
York City Centre


Kirsty Pearson – Ambiance Holistic Therapies & RELAX Kids

Kirsty is hosting a fun, interactive family session which will give you valuable tools you can use at home to encourage and foster calm and confident children. York City Centre


Louise Black – Louise’s Wellbeing & Beauty

Louise is running a fantastic massage event in East Cottingwith raising funds for York Mind, for a £5 donation you can get yourself a 15 minute hand, arm, back or Indian Head massage. Drinks and cakes available.
East Cottingwith


Claire Davies – The Greedy Wordsmith & Gayle Johnson – Red Tree Writing

Play with Words

This 3 hour interactive session will explore how writing can help you reconnect with yourself, tune into your creativity and guide you through life. Together, in an informal, supportive environment, we’ll explore our personal histories with writing, discuss the various forms of writing available to us and play with writing prompts. Everybody has the right to write, and this session will get you going whether you currently have a personal writing habit or not.
York City Centre

Helen Thorburn- East Riding Council Education Department

Helen is running a wellbeing event for her colleagues in the workplace.

Nicola Stead – The Creative Studio

Nicola is running 2 workshops from her studio at Clifton Moor.

  1. Re-energise Clay Workshop – a lunchtime event
    12-2pm. Take a break from the office and come and play with some clay. Re-energise yourself by making a clay pot and get your creative imagination going again, ready for your work head in the afternoon. Donation for materials
  2. Family Session – 4pm – 6pm Come along and create a clay pot together, work with this magical material to learn the therapeutic, calming effect of clay. Work with your child and learn these creative processes together. Donation for materials.
    Clifton Moor

Elaine White – Natural Entrepreneurs Workspace & Laura Richardson – Let’s Netwalk North Yorkshire

Improve Your Work/Life Balance

A short presentation from Elaine about the reasons she passionately believes that the future of employment and self employment is changing and why we will need more than one space to work from.

There will be an opportunity to try out the workspace and join us for a lunchtime netwalk. There are 2 sessions – morning and afternoon. £5 to cover lunch and networking opportunity.
Fulford, York

Anna Park – Forever Living

Anna is running a workshop on how to use aloe vera products in your life.

David Sear – David Sear Hypnotherapy

David is hosting a fabulous hypnotherapy drop in in his studio on Stonegate. Find out what hypnotherapy is and how it can help, book in a consultation or a session. An impressive time limited offer applies.

Free Event – Please register
York City Centre

I am pretty sure there is something there for everyone. There will be more information to enable you to book later.

Have a great weekend.



Buy your ticket here:  https://yorchoiceevents.com/product/york-wellbeing-evening/

It’s Always Personal…

The reason I became a counsellor, the reason I started running the Indulgence and Self Care Evenings, the reason I began the wellbeing meet ups, the reason I am doing the York Wellbeing Day all come from the place of not wanting people to struggle, not wanting people to not know what is out there to help, not wanting people to be stuck at home feeling hopeless and helpless.

I have been in a place of utter desperation and powelessness and it’s an unpleasant place to be, where people who were supposed to be helping you, dumped you with no support. I was at rock bottom trying to help my children and the therapist backed off, they really needed help and so did I. I decided I would have to learn the techniques needed to help traumatised children, that I would need to learn to take care of myself, to enable myself to look after them. I didn’t know that what I was doing was building a support package, that I was learning how to be a trauma therapist, but that’s what I did.

I bought big, thick text books on play therapy and working with trauma, I drew on everything I had heard the therapist say and set to work on helping my children feel better – I became their therapist, I had set times to work with them, took them out of school for ‘appointments’ with me, because we surely had work to do.

To enable me to do this ‘work’ I had to look after me and I tapped in to yoga, massage therapy, reiki, essential oils, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, counselling, learning a musical instrument and creative crafts.

This is what the Indulgence and self care and craft evenings are all about, giving people choices so they can create their own support package and what the York Wellbeing Day is all about. The events I have done have very much been about women, women have connected with the message and enjoyed the events and accessed choices for them. I would also like to reach men and give them choices to take better care of themselves.

Even after all the hard work, the therapy, the support, the intervention…..

Suicide looms large in our house, it is talked about every day, the damage done by terrible parents has a huge impact on us, despite all the work I did/do as an adoptive parent and therapeutic parent, much damage was done in those early months. Sometimes I have to steal myself to open the bedroom door in the morning and wait until I see signs of breathing and breathe a sigh of relief for another day.

So the work continues and the reasons why I want women AND men to join us at our York Wellbeing Day.

With me, it’s always personal and there’s always a cause to fight for.

Want to get involved with the York Wellbeing Day or other events I have coming up? Give me a shout.

Juliet x


07910 237983

Event Tickets: https://helmtickets.com/events/1823/york-wellbeing-evening