‘Families Like Ours’


As I am busy preparing for our York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition it dawned on me it is almost 10 years ago that we met our children….

Those little children burst into our lives, children who’d had a very hard start in life, children who had gone into foster care and been looked after while decisions were made about their future.

Children that arrived at our door ready for a new life and a new start.

People who know me, know it’s been a challenge, parenting at the best of times can be very tricky, parenting children from trauma and neglect is tremendously challenging, but we took on the challenge.

I am always grateful to all the friends, colleagues, practitioners and therapists who got us through (and some still are) these dark and difficult times.

I had to knock on doors though, I had to ask for help from people who don’t normally work with ‘families like ours’ or’ children like ours’ or for whom alternative therapies are not normally available (we did also get help from more traditional sources  NHS, Charities etc.) and I think it’s safe to say they saved me and us, without that support package we wouldn’t be together as a family today.

Back then (about 7 -9 years ago) there weren’t events like the one I am about host, a focus on family wellbeing like this didn’t exist.

I am extremely proud to have brought this group of people together, some of whom helped me.

It’s hard to know who to ask, it’s hard to know where to start, but the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is a great place to start.

See you there

Sunday 10 March 1:30pm – 5pm, Hotel du Vin York



Why do I want to help families?

The seed was planted in those very early days not long after my adopted children arrived, family life took on a very challenging period. Everyone was struggling to adapt to this massive change and transition and certainly our mental health took a nose dive.

The notion that everyone else’s family life seemed great and ours was one long struggle of one challenging situation after another, drove me to support others, after 10 years teaching in secondary schools and realising I couldn’t do that and support my children and keep the family together came the difficult decision to leave teaching and eventually re-train as a counsellor, which eventually led to me running supportive, wellbeing events in York, I ‘get’ the feeling of isolation parents feel sometimes, feeling at a loss and wondering what to do next, the thoughts of ‘Where the heck do I start looking for help?’ Who can I trust? What will actually help? The helplessness of waiting lists at both the hospital and CAMHS (or other support services) or maybe you just want to create a relaxing, safe environment for your children to grow up in.

The events I run have always been about giving people choices, putting local trusted practitioners and professionals in a room and allowing people to chat, get advice, try out and find out more.

The York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is set with those same values in mind bringing together in one place my kind of people (which I hope become your kind of people) to offer the choices and support you want to know about.

Join us on Sunday 10 March, 1:30pm – 5pm at the Hotel du Vin, York

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Wellbeing Weekly – York Wellbeing Day – 22/6/2018

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Here is your Wellbeing Weekly, keeping you up to date with goings on at the York Wellbeing Day on Thursday 4 October 2018.

Our Tickets have launched and if you can get in early you can get a ticket for £5, giving you access to all the exhibitors at the event. There are only 30 tickets available at this price!

Keep an eye on your inbox, every Friday for the latest from the day. I have also started a regular weekly Facebook ‘live’ on Monday mornings at 9am, it would be great to have you there.

Did you know the York Wellbeing Day is in partnership with Two Rivers Radio?

A local community radio station which broadcasts in central York every Monday from midday to 11pm. I present two shows – the Yor Living Well Show and the Information Takeaway both air 4pm – 5pm every other Monday – the next one is Monday 25 June. If you want a shout out or request, let me know!
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So who else is getting involved?

We are very pleased to welcome:

  • Kirsty Smith of Stobohealth Ltd
  • Hypnotherapy from David Sear
  • Neil Owens from Podfit Ltd

They are exhibiting at the York Wellbeing Evening at Hotel du Vin

Who else is running a Pop Up event during the day on 4 October?

Helen Thorburn (workplace based event)
Elena Holmes – Elena Health & Food
Louise Black – Louise’s Wellbeing & Beauty (East Cottingwith)
Kirsty Pearson – Ambiance Therapies (Escrick)

Perhaps you would like to get involved and host your own Pop Up Event in your workplace or group. Click the link below to register and book.

More next Friday.
Have a great weekend.


PS. If you don’t want to hear about York Wellbeing Day, let me know and I will just email you about our other events and workshops.

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Our Fabulous Line Up at the Choice Self-Care Evening on 16 May


We are so pleased to be back at the Natural Entrepreneurs Workspace in Fulford, it’s a perfect venue with a warm welcome, lots of space, a separate room to run the workshops and talks, free parking and tucked away from it all (but still accessible from the A64 and A19).

So who is going to be at the Self Care Evening on 16 May, here is our fantastic line-up of therapists, practitioners and consultants?

Marianne Freeman – Restore the Balance – Hand Massages
Sherrie Wood/Kirsty Pearson – Relax Kids & Just Relax – relaxation for children and adults
Debbie Thurlow Complementary Therapist – A range of taster Massages (shoulder, neck, arms, legs etc)
Ruth Charlton – Neal’s Yard – Skincare Consultations
Yvonne Lynn – Your Spirit Matters – Reiki & Personal Energy Consultations
Kate Bunney – Magnetix Wellness Bunney – Gorgeous magnetic therapy jewellery
Jayne Brown – Healthy Horizons – Reflexology tasters
Laura Richardson – Freedom of Choice – Forever Living products
Angie Taylor – Arbonne – Facials & Skincare Consultations

Elena Holmes (Nutrition Consultant) – Mini Workshop – “Nourished Gut – Nurtured You”
Claire Davies – The Greedy Wordsmith – Mini Workshop – Writing for Wellbeing
Juliet Powell – Choice Therapy – Mini Workshop – “Creating your Survival package!”
Sherrie & Kirsty – Relax Kids & Just Relax – Relaxation for all the Family


Together we book you in for one 15 minute taster session, and you can book yourself in for further sessions for the evening when you arrive, you can attend as many workshops as you can squeeze in!

Don’t forget you also got a complimentary glass of fizz on arrival.

Grab one of our remaining tickets

See you there

Self-Care – why it’s so important

I read an interesting article this morning and I thought I would pick out the interesting bits to share with you. The original article was aimed at therapists who work with clients who have experienced significant trauma. It was extolling the virtues of self-care for the therapists. I can see how the explanation could be relevant for so many people, so this is my take. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

We know that self-care is talked about a lot, we are encouraged to look after ourselves, take time out, and have some ‘me time’. It feels indulgent, maybe even a waste of money, however, what follows may change your mind.

In order for me to function at a high level for my family and work, I need a support package, a support framework in order to operate at those high standards, this translates as my ‘me time’.

It is no accident that many of the self care experiences we enjoy most, are things that link us to childhood experiences of nurturing – such as hugs, massage and being read to (and in my case chatting to a trusted person).

So we have to take action, we can’t ‘think’ ourselves into better self care, it’s about taking action. These actions support the healthy function of the lower parts of the brain. A lot of self care does not involve words it is something we ‘experience’ and these experiences are usually body based and help us to feel safe and well and support our brains and body experience regulation. (control, management)

If our brain and body feel regulated, we feel calm and vice versa. Being able to stay calm through the use of regular self-care enables us to think more clearly and deal with all that life throws at us and in my case deal with the people I encounter in my business and life.

A one off experience is not going to cut it, in order to build strong habits of self care and therefore a stronger brain (with strong neural connections) we need repetition (this is the same for all activities). A one off class or treatment is lovely, however, it won’t make a significant difference to our wellbeing, we need lots of practice!

Someone else may recommend a course of action, a type of therapy, a class. You are unique and have unique needs for your self care blend or package. My ‘package’ consists of a monthly massage, a monthly reiki session, twice a week fitness class, regular meet ups with like minded business owners, regular bubble baths, regular craft workshops, yoga sessions and hugging my children. Yours may well be zumba, reading, shopping and meditation!

I feel a seasonal snowflake analogy coming up! Like snowflakes we are unique, vary in size but are all beautiful. So do yourself the best favour ever, you owe your body, brain and ability to feel calm to your self-care.

Self-care enables me to do the job I love and take care of the family I love. It doesn’t bear thinking about where we would be without it.

Take care
Juliet x

Are you a prospective or current adoptive parent, foster carer or friends & family?
Join us for a fabulous Self-Care Evening just outside York with treatments, workshops and gorgeous products on 16 May 2018