Me too….

Two of the most powerful words when talking to other parents are “Me too” feeling like you are not the only one struggling with this, seeing things from a difficult angle, getting someone else’s perspective, seeing a humorous side to the situation, feeling like you can get back to family life and have resolve to carry on.

I’m always very careful to say that the Parent Social is not a workshop or a support group. The way they work very much depends on who comes along that day. I like to pose a few questions, get everyone thinking. The Parent Social is a chance to share some of the things going on, with other parents – friendships, bullying, social media, worries, relationships, school, siblings etc.

We often lose contact with other parents as our children grow up and especially during secondary school and college. What’s lovely about the socials is that it’s a diverse group that come from different areas of York and further afield.

We do have more of a permanent home at the Friends Meeting House, Acomb, York YO26 5LR. I hope that makes it easier for people to find us on a regular basis. (I am also continuing to work with York Nurturing Community and run sessions in Derwenthorpe.)

As a celebration there is a special offer, tickets are £4 (bring a friend for free) which includes hot drinks and a snack, just pay on the door.

If you are wondering who the heck I am (!) go to my website to read a bit more,link.

See you there
Juliet x

The Latest from Choice Therapy, Parent Social and the Fair

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I had no intention of taking virtually the whole summer off work but it does seem to have been like that! I continued to see clients, however, my workshops, socials and Fair planning had a break and it was great (if a little trying!) to spend time with my family and get away on holiday and a few camping trips thrown in.

I hope your summer went well, I must admit half way through I started to struggle, it seemed so long until my children went back to school and we had already had our main holiday and the summer stretched out in front of us, with a bit of support and asking for help and an unplanned camping trip we did make it through and now they are back.

So now, I am back full of great ideas and plans which my break helped me to give consideration to and see a way forward with the socials and workshops.

I am very pleased that I have at last found a more permanent location for the Parent Socials, I loved meeting everyone in the great local cafes (and there’s no reason why we can’t sometimes still do that) but I did feel that some people couldn’t be so open, as there were other people around, also moving the day and location meant some people couldn’t keep track of when and where it was. A stroke of luck meant I contacted the Friends Meeting House in Acomb (very close to me) and asked if I could use a room there and it has all come together. I am also hoping to use the venue for my workshops there too in the future. Click the link below to find out more:
Parent Socials

The second Choice Therapy – Health & Wellness Fair is also well underway. I am really pleased we are at Lidgett Grove Methodist Church in Acomb, York. We are having a Saturday afternoon fair aimed at parents and families with therapists, practitioners, wellness product providers, mini workshops and talks all there to support you and your family. We already have massage, yoga, reiki, kinesiology, essential oils, colour consultation, spiritual healing, counselling, parent support, aromatherapy, laughter therapy, crystals and lots more. Your chance to have proper conversations, listen to experienced wellness providers, try out treatments, have a cuppa and a chat. Entry is £2 for adults and children are free. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Fair.

Date: Saturday 15th October
Time: 1pm-3:30pm
Place: Lidgett Grove Methodist Church, Wheatlands Grove, York, YO26 5NH
Tickets: Adults – £2 Children – Free
(If you would like a stand get in touch to find out how to reserve your place, there are only a few remaining)

Choice Therapy have launched the 2016 -2017 workshop programme supporting parents of tweens (8+) and teens. Our first workshop is on supporting ourselves and our children with starting secondary school and is on 30 September in my airy attic room on Wetherby Road, Acomb. These workshops are small, supportive, informative, helpful and empowering.
See the link below to my website to find out more:

If you could do with a session or 2, one to one with me, talking in confidence about your life, family or situation, get in touch to arrange a 1 hour session – help lighten the load, get something off your chest, find out what support is available. Talk to someone who understands and gets it.
email me on:

So I think you are up to date now, get in touch if you want more information or just to say hello.

Have a great September
Juliet x

Let’s get down to it

Anyone that follows me on Facebook or twitter (or gets my emails) will know I talk a lot about supporting parents, especially those who have a lot going on whether that be step/adoptive parenting, parents of those with children with additional needs, families where there is ill health or mental health issues, parents who want support with school issues, bullying etc. It’s a passion of mine, not so long ago when my adopted children arrived in our lives, it was the biggest bombshell. I met some great, supportive people on the way but for a time (and since) I felt isolated. I wasn’t sure where to turn or who to ask for help, I did start asking eventually but it took a while. I suppose what I am saying is that I am a person that parents can turn to for counselling or support.

I do still work with lots of other types of issues and people too.

How can I help?
I know many of you are already aware I offer short and long term counselling be that weekly, fortnightly or monthly to support you.

So what’s new?
I have just launched my teen series workshops for parents of teens and pre-teens to support you with your children but mainly to support you. There is a series of 3 workshops which you can attend, 1, 2 or 3 of them. There are more details on my website and FB page (links at the bottom of the email).
– Entering the Teen Years
– Teens & Learning
– Teens & Stress

What else?
Last November I launched my Parent Social at Pure Zest in Fulford, York which is going really well, this is an evening event usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, the next one is 9th Feb. After getting some feedback, a few people said they could not make evenings so I set up a daytime social as well, this is going to be the last Thursday of the month, at Love to Eat in Dringhouses, York. This launches on Thursday 25th February 9:30-11:30. Each of the meetings has a theme where we discuss family issues or hot topics affecting us.

At the evening social on 9th Feb we are looking at Social Media & Gaming and the impact on us and our children. The daytime social will be looking at building self confidence in our teens & tweens and also a special guest, Claire Davies the Greedy Wordsmith who will be chatting about recipes for us and our tweens & teens to cook.

So, quite a lot going on and lots of ways parents can get help. (Forward this email on if you know someone who would be interested, thanks)

Get in touch with any comments or questions.
Juliet x

Happy New Year 2016

2015 has been quite a year!

Until, I had a really good think about it (and was prompted by a colleague!). I didn’t realise how much I had achieved in 2015. I guess we British are not brilliant at singing our own praises, but there have certainly been some highlights.

Introducing regular monthly workshops has been great, I selected themes that I had a personal interest in and more importantly areas that would support others. I have loved running – coping with teens, stress management at work and I am really looking forward to Setting your Intentions for 2016 on 19th January with more workshops on their way.

Choice Therapy has also been in the media, featured in the Daily Mail, Prima Magazine and our local Vale Radio. (Due to be on again on 8th January 6-7pm, talking about my Parent Social.)

Talking of which, in November 2015, I launched the Parent Social -Tweens and Teens at Pure Zest in Fulford, York. I have added a new page to my website to tell you all about it. It’s a space for parents of children from 8 years right through teen years. A chance to relax, chat and talk about issues relating to our children (January’s theme is friendships) and there’s drinks and cake included. All proceeds from the ticket sales go to SASH, a local youth homelessness charity.

Choice Therapy moved premises to Holgate, and I am very settled in my new cosy room.

I have also launched a ‘sister’ business with Diane Bassford of Bea’s Oils called York Source, providing a hug in a box – locally sourced products coupled with a therapeutic voucher.

Wow, it’s actually been quite a year!
All that remains for me to say is THANKS to my clients, colleagues and supporters, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Love Juliet x