I can often be heard to say "bringing people together is what I'm all about" it's one of those phrases that pops out and you don't realise how true it is, until you reflect upon it.

In various ways I have been bringing well-being business owners together over the past 5 years - well-being fairs and evenings, intention setting sessions, creating mood boards, motivator sessions, masterminding groups, seminars on emotional intelligence and motivational interviewing, supportive group supervision sessions and more recently workshops on making the most of your stand, stall or exhibition space. Actually, quite a lot now I have listed what I have done!

All this has culminated in the Wellbeing Meet-Up, a group  to bring together professionals from across the wellbeing sector from Aromatherapy to Yoga and everything in between.

Sometimes the well-being sector is treated with some disdain, we want our sector to be strong and vibrant.

The idea came from seeing other networking groups bring together niche areas of their particular business community.

My vision is for the group to be supportive, professional and constantly evolving to suit the industry, where everyone is treated equally, no matter if you are new in business or very well established.

Everyone will be allowed to attend their first meeting for free, after that the meetings will be £10.50 per session and will include a hot drink.

This is your chance to forge connections, build relationships, chat about running your business and seek support from others, working in an industry where your role is to support others, necessitates a good support network.

Check out what's coming up below:

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Why do I run these groups? What drives me to support other businesses?

I set up my business in the middle of a huge family crisis (I pick my moments!) and I was determined to continue with my business and future plans, BUT I needed support to enable me to do that. I enlisted the support of many different people, but had to look very hard for that support and spend a lot of money along the way. I felt I needed someone to meet regularly with, to support me to keep going, who didn't charge me the earth, and bit by bit I found that.

So I want to make it easier for other business to get the support they need, please get in touch and join us on your supportive life and business journey.

Juliet x