‘Families Like Ours’


As I am busy preparing for our York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition it dawned on me it is almost 10 years ago that we met our children….

Those little children burst into our lives, children who’d had a very hard start in life, children who had gone into foster care and been looked after while decisions were made about their future.

Children that arrived at our door ready for a new life and a new start.

People who know me, know it’s been a challenge, parenting at the best of times can be very tricky, parenting children from trauma and neglect is tremendously challenging, but we took on the challenge.

I am always grateful to all the friends, colleagues, practitioners and therapists who got us through (and some still are) these dark and difficult times.

I had to knock on doors though, I had to ask for help from people who don’t normally work with ‘families like ours’ or’ children like ours’ or for whom alternative therapies are not normally available (we did also get help from more traditional sources¬† NHS, Charities etc.) and I think it’s safe to say they saved me and us, without that support package we wouldn’t be together as a family today.

Back then (about 7 -9 years ago) there weren’t events like the one I am about host, a focus on family wellbeing like this didn’t exist.

I am extremely proud to have brought this group of people together, some of whom helped me.

It’s hard to know who to ask, it’s hard to know where to start, but the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is a great place to start.

See you there

Sunday 10 March 1:30pm – 5pm, Hotel du Vin York



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