"I would have brought more people if I'd known it was going to be this good!"

  • Alex, guest at our recent Choice Indulgence Evening

""I loved it, let me know when you have another. Thanks Juliet."

  • Christine, Guest at our recent Choice Indulgence Evening

"Thank you Juliet for organising such a great event last night and to Pure Zest for hosting us. Really fun evening with excellent therapists."

-Chloe, Bodyworks (Stallholder, Choice Indulgence Evening)

""A super night! I loved the yoga and beauty treatments! Thank you Juliet."

-Becky, Guest at our recent Choice Indulgence Evening

"Thank you for a great afternoon, we really appreciated the welcome and relaxed vibe. Looking forward to the next one!"

-Maxine, Nepal Fundraising (Stallholder, Health & Wellness Fair)

""A really great afternoon. You can't beat speaking to people in person and making new connections. Thanks Juliet for the unseen work you did to make the afternoon a success."

-Elaine, Pure Zest (Stallholder at Health & Wellness Fair)

"I loved the workshop and was comfortingly reassured that I wasn't on my own with teenagers! You created a warm and welcoming atmosphere and it was nice to talk through the similar experiences we all shared. I left feeling reassured and a little more confident that I was actually doing a good job of being Mum, even if my kids don't always agree!"

-J. York (Workshop Client)

"Juliet was able to relate well to the concerns of our parents around the transition to secondary school. She could draw on both personal and professional experience to highlight possible issues and how they might be resolved."

-G. York (Workshop Client)

"Juliet has helped me greatly - to unlock the reasons and understand why I felt so frustrated and angry about small things and to challenge the way I responded. I am more content now and respectful of others and myself. She made it safe for me to talk about my past, which enabled me to uncover some deep hidden hurts and deal with them. It wasn't always easy but it has definitely helped. It made me think..... I am a changed person that other people notice." 

-D. York (Counselling)

"Thank you so much for this morning's workshop. It was just what I needed and I felt really safe and heard in the group. I do hope you will run it again."

L. North Yorks (Workshop)

"It's great to see a counsellor sharing such insightful thoughts in a blog as many are quite detached and clinical in their approach." S. York (Colleague)

"I really enjoyed the session and found it so helpful being able to share struggles and challenges in such an accepting, friendly and confidential environment. It was reassuring to hear of other peoples struggles, knowing I'm not alone." S. York (Workshop)

"Thank you to Juliet for arranging this morning's excellent motivation session. I am much clearer on my direction for my workshops and what I need to do next. Look forward to next month!" C, York (Motivator session)


"I feel like I've got off the hamster wheel". M, York (You & Your Business Workshop)


"I feel focused, I'm working on my business not in my business" H, North Yorks (Motivator Session)