Why do I want to help families?

The seed was planted in those very early days not long after my adopted children arrived, family life took on a very challenging period. Everyone was struggling to adapt to this massive change and transition and certainly our mental health took a nose dive.

The notion that everyone else’s family life seemed great and ours was one long struggle of one challenging situation after another, drove me to support others, after 10 years teaching in secondary schools and realising I couldn’t do that and support my children and keep the family together came the difficult decision to leave teaching and eventually re-train as a counsellor, which eventually led to me running supportive, wellbeing events in York, I ‘get’ the feeling of isolation parents feel sometimes, feeling at a loss and wondering what to do next, the thoughts of ‘Where the heck do I start looking for help?’ Who can I trust? What will actually help? The helplessness of waiting lists at both the hospital and CAMHS (or other support services) or maybe you just want to create a relaxing, safe environment for your children to grow up in.

The events I run have always been about giving people choices, putting local trusted practitioners and professionals in a room and allowing people to chat, get advice, try out and find out more.

The York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition is set with those same values in mind bringing together in one place my kind of people (which I hope become your kind of people) to offer the choices and support you want to know about.

Join us on Sunday 10 March, 1:30pm – 5pm at the Hotel du Vin, York

Tickets here

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